Supply Chain Management

The name SCMBrasil originates from the English term SCM, meaning Supply Chain Management, and is nothing more than a set of strategic management methods used to promote better integration and management of all parameters of the chain, Transportation, inventory, costs and so on. In this sphere we highlight the following services:

• Customized training - in-company training;

• Strategic Sourcing;

• Structuring of the Purchasing / Materials area - Direct, Productive and Indirect (MRO) and CAPEX;

• KPI's - performance indicators;

• Advanced purchases - technical / commercial analysis from product design;

• Elaboration of procedures, description of processes and responsibilities, indicators and flowcharts;

• Categorization and definition of purchasing policy;

• Inventory management;

• Planning and focus on cost reduction, elaboration of the Buyer Business Plan;

• Strategic analysis of purchases (TCO, KRALJIC model, SPEND ANALISYS);

• Planning, programming and control of materials (resupply policy, ABC curve and security stock);

• Advisory and consulting in strategic negotiations (systematic and spots);

• Supplier relationship management;

• S & OP (sales planning, production, supplies and operations);

• Contracts and supply agreements (national and international) commercial, service (SLA) and confidentiality (NDA);

• Operations and processes management;

• Project Management Office (PMO).