The name SCMBrasil originates from the English term SCM, meaning Supply Chain Management, and is nothing more than a set of strategic management methods used to promote better integration and management of all parameters of the chain, Transportation, inventory, costs and so on.

Increasingly, the International Business area has gained importance in the Brazilian scenario, being a frequent part of the day-to-day life of many national companies. Such practices demand professionals with excellent technical knowledge, highly qualified and competent.

Among the most effective methods in strategic supplies to cost reduction we highlight the opportunity for collaboration with suppliers.

A SCM dispõe de metodologias e sistemas para melhoria contínua de processos e gestão de alta performance, com foco em resultados.

In order to reduce the risk and increase the competitiveness of Brazilian companies that already import often of Asian companies, SCM has set up a team in Asia geared to undertake services like:

• Audits and technical reviews of factories in Asia;